Monday, February 27, 2012

It's a pain you forget...

When I was pregnant, people used to always assure me that women have some magical hormone that helps them forget about the pain of pregnancy and childbirth (otherwise the human race would have died out years ago!).  Well, if anyone knows me well they know I still deal with the birth trauma every day of my life, so forgetting it isn't going to happen anytime soon, but the concept of "It's the kind of pain you forget" does weirdly apply to my food choices.

I know that if I eat cheap crappy pizza, I will be sick for the rest of the night.
I know that if I drink sweety drinks with fake sugar, I will be sick as well.
I know that if I even taste test Burger King, I am good and well screwed gastro-wise.

And yet, I forget EVERY SINGLE TIME as I reach for my credit card when ordering pizza after a late night of baby wrangling.  Every.  Single.  Time!  Is there some fat based hormone that makes my body forget that 2 hours after eating a box of Cornettos, I'm going to be doing awful things to my own bathroom?   Even now, writing about the Cornettos, I want them.  They are going to make me sick as a dog, but I am salivating thinking about them!  One would have thought that evolution would have shoved this concept out of my head - even rats learn which food can hold poison and stay away.  I am officially dumber than a rat.


  1. Such a funny post! I know just what you mean, although post-cornetto eating vs labour pain? I know which I'd rather go for!

  2. I'd rather drink diet pepsi and have the manic periods I get due to my allergy to aspertame, than go through my I had with Roland labor again.

    I'd rather eat bacon which the smell of makes me dry heave, than go through the labor I had with Roland again.

    I have sure as hell NOT forgotten it. They're full of crap. And for almost a year and 1/2 of Roland's life, we were seriously considering "one and done" because of it.